4Y We Are Raising Creative and Innovative Talents

In line with our holistic human resources management policy, 4Y ( We are Raising Creative and Innovative Talents ), we aim continuous improvement and originality in our human resources management process to be able to support our creative and innovative talents while they achieve their goals.

We proud of preparing fresh graduates for the future career steps by offering unique training and development opportunities. During their long term coexistence, we guide and accompany them on the way to be a business leader.

In addition to the technical and soft skill development training that we have provided, we also provide executive development programs that makes our talents strong in a competitive business environment. With the executive development program we obtain, we ensure that each candidate in our talent pool plans their career in accordance with their competencies.

Through our collaborations and R&D projects with universities, we guarantee the continuous development of our creative and innovative talents in their respective fields.

In this process;

  • Orientation / orientation investigation process / guidance program for all departments
  • Project assignments
  • Technical and competency-based trainings
  • Discounted graduate education opportunities at universities we cooperate
  • Trade fairs/seminars/congresses
  • Project based domestic/overseas business trips
  • Executive development programs and leadership workshops