Production of Functional Prototypes

Production of functional prototypes is the step of verifying the design and proving the function of the product in the product development process. Functional prototypes allow design changes and final product identification as a result of the tests carried out and also provide information on time and cost for mass production.
We manufacture physical verification prototypes that are required for design and development projects, a product/system/sub-system level, in the workplace that is included within our facility. We make use of many conventional and advanced manufacturing methods including sheet metal forming, machining, and welding manufacturing and composite manufacturing technologies.
In the projects where we have completed the part level production, we carry out assembly and integration activities with our experienced staff in a way to meet all requirements.

  • Metal body construction
  • Stainless Body Construction
  • Composite Vehicle Body Manufacturing
  • Design and Manufacturing of Mounting Fixtures / Apparatus
  • Welding Fixtures / Apparatus Design and Manufacturing
  • Prototype Sheet Metal Machining and Composite Parts Manufacturing