Test and Physical Validation

We conduct whole vehicle or system level test and validation activities. Testing fixtures, apparatus and special instrumentation structures can be designed by our team and they are manufactured in our facilities. We can provide you certified reports with our partners and witnessed testing solutions. Based on our turnkey testing solution approach, we can manage all test requirements within our local and worldwide testing center network in addition to the existing capabilities.

  • Fuel Economy and Emission Testing (PEMS, SAE J1711 – WLTP – UITP SORT)
  • Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Energy Consumption Test (UITP SORT)
  • System and Component Level Cycle Tests
  • Fleet and Mileage Accumulation Tests
  • Road Load Data Acquisition (RLDA) and Accelerated Durability Testing
  • Brake and Steering Tests
  • Vehicle Performance and Driveability Tests
  • Heating & Cooling and Ventilation Measurements
  • Active Safety Performance Tests for LDWS & AEBS
Academic Publications