Patent Analysis

Country Analysis

Countries with the most applications

Trend Analysis by Year

Distribution of patents by years and tendency of applications

Validity Analysis

The density of patents in progress
Shares of firms and firms in valid patents

Keyword Analysis

Determining the critical points related to the subject from the most commonly used words in patents

Why Patent Analysis?

At the beginning of the project;
To see which technologies are patented,
To determine whether the technology trend is rising or descending,
You can use it to conduct competitor analysis.
You can add “Due Diligence” reports for evaluation of the firm’s portfolio.
You can direct your strategic planning studies with analyzes.
You can determine from which transfer of technology should be transferred from an area that is considered.
You can use it to identify staff candidates who have multiple patent applications in the relevant field.
You can specify the most referenced patents. These patents have inspired more to produce new ideas or involve the most important work in the prior art.
You can use your patent applications in a specific area to decide which countries you should protect.
You can find your potential customers interested in the technological field.