The World is changing fast, and  to be adapted the changing world is so important. If  we want to lead a movement of changing, firstly we should start to change from ourselves and enviroment.

What do you say about recognizing and starting to change yourself and environment with Transformation with Design and Innovation Leadership Training?

transformation with design and innovation leadership

Purpose of Training

It is aimed that people who try to be adapted the changing world, want to do creative and innovative studies and want to start a movement of transformation in the companies enrich their perspective, expand their sphere of influence, recognize more closely themselves, companies and environment. At scope of the training is to be shared methods that you will start, support, generalize and maintain movement of transformation.

Period of training – 1 day

Participant Profile

Innovation and R&D, Project Management, Human Resources, Business Development and Marketing Departments can participate (for all sectors)


Description of Concepts

  • Design and Designer
  • Concern of Designer
  • Innovation Strategy
  • Strategic Design
  • Innovation Leader and Role

Transformation with Innovation Leadership

  • Preparing
  • Co-creating
  • Embedding

Aim and Success

  • Sustainability
  • Achieve the Aim

Transformation Stages