Industrial Design

Hexagon Studio uses the strategic design approach in all design activities from idea to a physical model. Our creative design solutions and aesthetic qualities of our designs are shaped in the light of the latest material, technology and design trends, as well as marketing and after-sales activities, in the light of data obtained directly from users. In addition, the suitability of the designs is evaluated on the basis of these data which are continuously growing at every stage of the process. Thus, by making objective evaluations and decision-making process, the originality, innovation and success of the product are guaranteed.

For us, design is a concept and occupation far beyond the aesthetic qualities of the form. Knowing that the products are the source of the existence of a brand, we make designs that are compatible with the brand’s identity, goals, strategy and related messages to the users via open and closed messages. In this way, we make it possible for the brand to strategically code the products, which we see as the most effective advertising tool. We make unique, creative and aesthetic designs that contribute to the awareness, strength, image and value of the brand through compatible and correctly coded messages.

When designing creative design solutions and designing innovative products, we use the principles of  Design Thinking approach, which we modified specifically to our processes and brand characters. In this way, we can follow each step in the process easier, we obtain high success rates, strategic compliance, user-oriented, responsive to the needs of the customer and make designs that can be evaluated appropriately and objectively.