Vehicle Integration

We contribute to the design and development of a competitive product with the following studies throughout the project.

  • Benchmark Studies
  • Drive Team Subjective Vehicle Evaluation
  • Real World Testing Activities (Including Driver Assistance Systems and Extreme Weather Conditions)
  • Prototype Production Management and Vehicle Sign-off (PDI, Pre-Delivery Inspection)
  • Weight Management
Academic Publications

The Underhood Thermal Management and Cooling Drag Effects Of An Active Grill Shutter Prototype For Light Duty Vehicle Under Simulated and Real Test Environments
University of Bordeaux, France 2014 , K.ERDOĞAN, U CIRIK, A. ERGENÇ, A.ALTINER

Exhaust Mount Placement Optimisation With Comparable Methods
23rd International Congress on Sound & Vibration’a (ICSV23), Yunanistan 2016 , A. BÖTKE, D.YAZGAÇ