If you wonder answers of questions which are “What is creativity? Why should we be creative? How can I notice problems related daily or business life? How can I find needs which nobody knows?” and want to learn methods of collective creativity and idea generation, you should absolutely participate “Brain Storming and SCAMPER” training.

creative thinking methods

Purpose of Training

It is aimed at gaining creativity and innovative perspective, learning methods of problem-solving, creating collaboration culture, finding customer needs which are known and unknown.

Period of training – 1 day

Participant Portfolio

Innovation and R&D, Project Managemet, Human Resources, Manufacturing, Business Development, Marketing, Sales , After Sales and Finance Departmans can participate. (for all sectors)

Creative Thinking Methods – Brain Storming

Brain Storming

  • What is innovation?
  • Why should we use brainstorming method?
  • What is brainstorming method?
  • The four rules of brainstorming according to description of Alex F. Osborn
  • Brainstorming methods
  • Reverse Brain Storming
  • Infinity
  • Mapping
  • Workshop


What is creativity?

  • Description of creativity
  • Creativity Diagram

Why should we be creative?

Relationship between Creativity and Age

Thinking outside the box


SCAMPER method