New Generation Airport Apron Bus

If you are CIP or VIP passenger and want to understand quality of being offered service to you, you should look airport process. Before you board the plane, you go to “Lounge” which is prepared for your convenience. After be done essential controls, you will come towards passenger boarding gate and will board the plane. While you are walking, you see the plane is not a close apron.  You breathe fresh air and then you board the midibus which has leather-upholstered seats and is came for you as special. You get off the minibus in front of the plane gate and then you board the plane and enjoy exclusive service with large seats special for you. When you get off the plane, you meet the same midibus for transporting departure terminal.

We are sharing design of future apron vehicle which has new technologies bring you to future. Due to future apron vehicle, after lounge area, your flight experience continues with pleasure.

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